You Love Chia Seeds But Hate Those Nasty Looking Seeds Between Your Teeth You Love Chia Seeds, Problem Solved with Seedless Chia That is Just as Healthy

Orlando, FL, February 17, 2011. Chia Seeds are a nutritious natural supplement and is rightly called the super food. They are packed with essential minerals, a full 10% more omega-3 fatty acids than flax seed and can be eaten whole right from the bag and Flax Seed cannot. Athletes use Chia seeds for strength and Chia Seeds are proven as effective as Gator Aid when it comes to hydration.

So what is the problem? Itís the seeds. Chia Seeds are small and stick between your teeth worst than spinach. You end up sucking your teeth, picking them or rinsing your mouth but you still find those pesky little seeds between your teeth. And for heaven sake donít take a picture after eating Chia Seeds, Yuk!

The answer is found in seedless chia seeds? Well thatís an oxymoron but itís the claim of Nuchia Foods Corporation. Nuchia Foods has produced the super food as a powder and branded it Nuchia 100% Chia Seed Flour. The Nuchia 100% Chia Seed Flour has all the minerals of the seeds, is lower in fat and has fewer calories. They accomplished this by reducing the oil content. Not to worry, laboratory analysis prove a serving exceed the daily recommended intake of omega-3. It mixes easily in foods, drinks, smoothies and makes a great cereal, just add hot or cold liquids and have at it. And guess what? No yucky seeds in your teeth.

Nuchia 100% Chia Seed Flour is availability in some health food stores, such as Chamberlins and Akins Natural Foods Stores, DeKalb International market, in Atlanta and online at .

SOURCE Nuchia Foods Corporation